Several exercises created for my CTAN 452: Intro to Computer Animation class. I learned how to model and animate in Maya and rendered in Arnold. It was an exceptionally challenging but fun class since I had limited computer animation knowledge beforehand.
Fall 2020

"Box Materials" exercise render. I textured the boxes. Boxes, lighting, and background provided by prof.

Hand animation - I rigged, textured/colored, and animated the hand. I also did the lighting. Hand model provided by prof.

Flour sack animation. I textured and animated the flour sacks. I also modeled the background weights and yoga mats and did the lighting. Flour sack models and rigs provided by prof.

Rube Goldberg Machine rough draft

Rube Goldberg Machine - Final Render. I modeled, textured, animated, and lit everything. 

Sound effects from

"Ball bouncing" exercise (playblast). I modeled and animated everything.

"Nested structures" exercise (playblast)

Trash Time. I modeled and animated everything.

"Birth, Expansion, Recession" exercise (playblast)

Life cycle of a frog. I modeled and animated everything. My first ever 3-D computer animation. :)

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