Demo video

Roles: Design (mechanics & narrative), 2D Art
Tools: Unity Engine, Adobe Photoshop
Travel to an enchanted land to find a young one who showcases and teaches humanity and compassion through gesture and verbal communication (experiential learning).
Inspired by Rinpoche, a young one who lives in the Himalayas.
Created in 48 hours for the G4C's XR Brain Jam June 2021 and featured at the Games For Change Festival 2021!
Built for the Oculus and responds to voice input.

Concept art & color palette exploration

Grass pattern

Ayisha R. - Designer-Developer, Researcher
Aylish T. - Designer, 2D Artist
Fabián G. - Designer, Engineer, 3D Artist
Jan R. - Subject matter expert, Designer
Paige D. - Designer, 3D Artist, Music
Parnika S. - Producer, Designer, Engineer
SoundSnap - additional SFX
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