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[Title art by Kelsey Christensen, Sarah Yuen, and Alicia John. Graphic design by me.]

Sinking Inn Trailer

Roles: Design lead, artist, writer
Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Piskel, Yarn (Unity plugin), Unity Engine
Spring 2021
I created a variety of in-game assets as well as designed the final Steam assets (art prepared by other team artists). I also designed the soundtrack album cover.
As the design lead, I ran design meetings with my co-lead, took notes, directed conversation, created level prototypes, organized and distributed tasks among the many teams, organized & ran playtests, formatted playtest feedback, and constantly iterated on the mechanic and level designs. I also helped write the major narrative arc as well as some prop "dialogues" in game.

Player character concept art

Environment concept art thumbnails

NPC concept art (w/ misc player & doodles)

Pool concept art and design

Original soundtrack album cover

Soundtrack album cover concepts (first drafts)
Revised album covers (second drafts)

Preliminary design mockup

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Created by Open Alpha USC Game Dev Club
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