Still under development, but you can find this filter on Snapchat!
A Snapchat filter where you help a ghost find the objects it needs to pass on.
Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Snapchat Lens
Feb 2021
You will need these specific objects/images of these objects to fulfill the lens: A Pringles original flavor can, "Goodnight Moon" by Margaret Wise Brown, & a Jack-o-Lantern Mickey Mouse hat.
As I continue developing the filter, I intend to implement neural networks that can recognize apples, books, and the color orange in order to satisfy the scavenger hunt.
The filter will recognize the images of these specific objects and will trigger the next hint to appear. 
Music & sound from
"Bohemian Typewriter" font from
If you don't have the images listed above, you can print these out or scan them with the filter to proceed!
Project was then adapted for Unity Engine & AR Core. We trained a set of neural networks utilizing the COCO Data set for object recognition.

Without filter

With filter activated

Original concept art
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