Logo by Rachel Geng

USC Advanced Games Project
Roles: Artist, Animator
Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Unity Engine
May 2021 - Present
That’s Not How It Happened is a 2D cross genre game, where you play through several family members’ contradictory versions of how their family-run inn was burned to the ground.
TNHIH is a unique and humorous interactive take on the Rashomon style “multiple versions of the same event” trope that leans into the affordances games provide by letting the player switch between characters and by representing their conflicting accounts through narrative, gameplay and art style.

Final George sprite

Original George concept art & style explorations
Color explorations

George idle animation concept

Grilled cheese item sprite

Alan (son), Zoey (daughter), & Verity (antagonist) character concept art

Zoey final sprite art

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