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[Title art by Alisa Chen]

Game Trailer

Wishy Washy is a 2D pixel art game about cleaning windows in a city of disasters. Nuclear meltdowns, giant squid attacks, and an aerial assault from a flying spaghetti monster have left this city in need of a deep cleaning, and you’re here to do it. You follow the game’s protagonist in their daily work life attempting to fulfill customer requests to wipe buildings clean. It’ll take swift, precise movements to finish your jobs before dark—before the next disaster strikes.
Roles: Art Lead (concept art, character art, animations), video editor, game & narrative design
As the Art Lead, I assigned art tasks, created a calendar for asset creation, managed meetings between the Art team & other teams, & collaborated with my co-Art lead to ensure a cohesive visual design. I also created the initial Open Alpha art pipeline that would be used in future game projects.
Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Unity Engine, Piskel
Spring 2020

Flying spaghetti monster

Opening subway animation

Start Screen UI design & opening cutscene concept
Player concept art

Preliminary design mockup

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Created by Open Alpha USC Game Dev Club
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