The One Worm
A multilinear experimental story about a religious group of post-apocalyptic nuclear survivors.
WIP: Little Wizard Pop-Up Grimoire
A pop-up puzzle book adventure
Play hotter-and-colder with a ghost!
Intergalactic TV: The Game Show
A speculative extraterrestrial game show and dining experience
Point-and-click puzzle narrative game about sex education
Grandma Green
Gardening simulator game
Petting Cat Simulator project where you get to pet a cat :-)
Interactive Cartographic Storytelling
Research project about Google Earth, history, and non-linear storytelling
That's Not How It Happened
A fighting game, visual novel, and point-and-click adventure all in one!
VR experience created for the Games 4 Change XR Brain Jam 2021
Parasites on Pleos' Shell
5th Edition D&D module
2D musical combat & platformer game
Sinking Inn
Point-and-click puzzle RPG
Metamorphosis: Thyota's Journey
2D narrative-driven game about restoring the environment
King of the Rats
Tower defense and management game
FemFest 2021
A virtual counter-patriarchal musical festival
"Lasers and Feelings" mod
Spooky Scavenger
Snapchat filter
Little Dollhouse
Snapchat filter and physical installation
Spooky Speakeasy
Dating sim-like game about bartending for monsters
2D stealth game
Top-down shooter with body horror visuals
Wishy Washy
Window-washing simulator RPG
Scare's Repairs
Atmospheric horror game about repairing a haunted house
Pugs and Thugs
Card game about mafia dogs
Monster Swap
A trick-or-treating board game
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